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Previous Reunions
Beaumont High School Classes of 1954

Our 25th Class Reunion at La Chateau


Our 40th Class Reunion at the M.A.C.


Our 50th Class Reunion (June class) at the Sheridan Plaza West Port


Herzog 50th Reunion in 2000


Herzog Group 2004

Viola Lorberg, Donald Hoelscher, Sandra Scoville, Don Briscoe, Virginia Finley, Donald Hansard, Nancy Kraus
      RosAnn Titz, William Dueing, Aletha Weidner, Jack Kennebeck, Nancy Finnegan, June Twardoski

Herzog Group 2014
(L to R) Ken Herbold, Don Hansard, Peggy Vaal, Don Hoelscher, JoAnn Jansing & Laverne Herbold

Any other grade school reunions or other high school reunion pictures you have please send them in so they may be included. Name the people if there are just a few in the picture so all will know who they are.