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Cocktail Party Pictures
Beaumont High School Classes of 1954

Friday August 8, 2014 Men of Beaumont (MOB) and Ladies of Beaumont (BG's) Luncheon

The Friday event was held at Lombardo's by the Airport.

The combined Men of Beaumont (MOB) and the Ladies of Beaumont (BG's) Luncheon was very well attended with more than 135 people.
There was plenty of time to renew friendships from the past, the Food was great and our MC (Giles Blair Jun '46) had plenty of Jokes for the group.
The guest speaker Charlie Brennan (KMOX Radio) talked about the   “Amazing St. Louis” as the City celebrates its 250th Birthday.
Several people left with attendance prizes that included 2 beautiful paintings by Joyce Shearer Greco (Jan '54) and Jim Greco (Jan '53). Thanks to Harriett Lee Wayne (Jan '55) and Scott Scholle (Jun '54) for making the arrangements for the Friday event. Carmen Lombardo (Jun '52) and his staff did a great job handling the over flow crowd.

 Coming soon - You’ll find pictures of the Friday Luncheon on the MOB website.