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Monthly BIO's

Beaumont High School Classes of 1954

Features for the month of August

Updated on August 13, 2008

This page is used to share some of the BIO'S of our 50th Reunion Planning. It will be updated monthly with BIO's which come in too late to be in the Memory Book. 

 The REUNION NEWS page click here for reunion news will give you an idea of the activities that we had at the reunion. 


Keep coming to this page as BIOs are added periodically. We still need some of our classmates Bio's.  We would like to have your Bio even though it cannot be included in the Memory Book . But, If you would still like to send in your Bio it will be included in this web site. If you need another Bio form click the link and print it. BIO

Joann 1954


Joann Bohn Prince




HOBBIES: Reading, Bingo and casino (when money allows )

GRADE SCHOOL ATTENDED: St. Paul the Apostle.

BIO: I am married to Bob Prince, from our class, with two children and three grandchildren. I worked at McDonnell Douglas as a typist. I was picked as Sky Belle and ran for Sky Queen. I didn’t win, but had a good time. Retired from being an office supervisor for 15 years.

Larry 1954

Larry and Grandaughter 2002

Lawrence McKenna






HOBBIES: Walking and woodworking. Volkswalking (walk at least 10K in all fifty states). Active in Boy Scouts for over 50 years.


BIO: In Distributive Education at Beaumont I got a job at Scruggs, Vandervorts and Barney and worked there for over twenty years until they went out of business. Then I worked for Sligo Steel for over twenty years. I am married to Susan and we have three children and eight grandchildren. 

Jeanette 1954


 Jeanette Davisee Elliott

               GRADE SCHOOL ATTENDED: Ashland.

BIO: I became a Delta flight attendant in 1961. I went to Chicago for about six months then went to Miami, FL to work for Delta. In 1969 I married William, a policeman, and we lived in Miami til 1982 when he retired. After he retired we moved to Brooksville, FL, about 50 miles north of Tampa and had a house built on 10 acres. I commuted to Atlanta GA to fly to Europe and Hawaii and in 1989 I retired from Delta after 28 years.

I would love to be there for the reunion but my husband is too ill to travel. Have fun, I’m sure you will.


Bob 1954

Robert Richardson




HOBBIES: Bowling, Western Couples and line dancing.


BIO: I spent some time in the Navy Air Corps. I am married to Anna and we have four children, 11 grandchildren and one great grandchild. After I got out of the service I became a police officer in the City of Florissant. I left there and became a fire fighter with Florissant Fire District for 29 years. Retired, travel and winter in Texas in an RV.


Jack in 2004

Jack in 1954

Jack W. Keith



HOBBIES: Hunting, fishing, Auto racing and following Pro and NCAA sports.


BIO: Out of High School I took route 66 to L.A. Signed on with Pacific Bell. Attended Los Angeles Valley College/Pasadena City College. Spent five years in the Air Force. Back to Pac. Bell, transferred to Mountain Bell, Denver, Co. Ten years in Grand Jct., Co. Back to Denver. Transferred to New Jersey A.T. & T. and then retired. No big deal. I am a single father of two children and two grandchildren.



Mary 1954

Mary Schwab Morovitz





HOBBIES: Crafts, reading and associating with friends.


BIO: I am married to Dr. Robert K. Morovitz and we have two children. After graduation I attended Miss Hickey Secretarial School for two years while working at City Hospital as Secretary to the Social Service Director. Then I was employed at Curtis Publishing Company as Secretary to the Saturday Evening Post Manager. I worked there for nine years and quit to start a family. I continued to be a stay-at-home mom and cared for our two children. When our children started school I did volunteer work at their school. Also I occasionally helped my husband in his practice doing office related work which I still do on a part-time basis.


Carol 2004

Carol 1954

Carol Essary Boulch

HOBBIES: Gardening, camping and reading.


BIO: I was employed by Boatmen’s Bank right out of high school. I married Donald Boulch and we have three children and six grandchildren. I quit work when I was expecting my second child. When my third child was in all day classes I returned to work part time. I retired from TWA at age 59. After retiring, we moved to Lake of the Ozarks full time. In 2000 we moved to Eldon, MO which is about ten miles from where we lived on the lake.

The following Bio's were received after the deadline. They do not appear in the Memory book. However, we will keep them on this page as long as the web site stays active.

Elmer 1954

Elmer Now

Elmer Griner


Hobbies: Golf, Photography, and Bridge

Grade School: Ashland

Bio: My wife, Betty Renner (Beaumont Class of June 1955) and I were married in May of 1956,

 while I was in the Navy. We have two daughters. The oldest, Glinda Gail is an attorney in New

 York,and has 4 children. The younger, Gloria Gaye is an RN in South Carolina, and has no

 children. I always thought G.G.G. would look great on luggage. I traded the Navy for a year at

 Washington University,and then went to work for Metropolitan Life in 1958. We left St. Louis

 in 63 to manage the in Fargo ND, and then on to Rapid City SD in 1967.

We finally made it back to normal weather when in 1970, I was appointed district manager

 in Kansas City.

I retired in 1983, and we moved to Lexington South Carolina, to be closer to Betty's mom.

 In Lexington Betty worked for the University of South Carolina Admissions Department and

retired in 1997, when we moved to Florida. We live in a retirement community of about 1000

homes 20 miles south of Ocala. I still play golf, but not nearly as well as 50 years ago.

The photography has been a joy. I started with nature photography on our acreage in South

 Carolina, and now enjoy taking pictures on cruises and other travels. Digital has been a

 wonderful advance, allowing me to take over 1000 pictures on a recent trip to Hawaii. I am

 now a much better photographer than golfer. My bridge playing is somewhere in the middle.

I am so happy that I stumbled onto the MOB website this week, and found out about the

 reunion, as I have not seen a classmate since the 20 year get together in 1974.



Lois 1954


Lois Walker Manahan
Grade School Attended: Benton
Bio: After Graduation I attended Harris Teachers College. I am a widow with three children and four grandchildren.

Annette 1954


Annette Northcutt McClain

Dearest Friends;          

            Time has passed all too quickly and your reunion date is here at hand. I felt that although there are too many “Unexpecteds” that prevent my joining you on this wonderful weekend I just had to say hello and share with you in thought and memories. I’m sorry that this just isn’t the time for me to travel so far from home.

            Six months ago I grew weary of the “paper chase" and completed CNA training. I passed all my exams and am now licensed in Wyoming, Montana and Oregon, so, I will see where my path leads me. This is indeed challenging and rewarding work. I must say, there are days when I wonder “why am I here” but there is always that smile, hug or “thank you” that answers the question. I hope to step into Medical, Surgical and/or Pediatrics. Hopefully, I can also acquire my LPN and/or RN in the next year or two.

            As People grow older, some go fishing, others go searching for those things they have always wanted to do. Age is really just a number. I have to remind myself of that when fatigue and aches and pains are very apparent after four or five days of working my shift.         

            In addition to time constraints with my position, our son, Chris started dialysis treatments in Billings, Montana last week and will continue three times a week here in Cody. He is on a donor list and hopefully a Kidney will become available in the near future. In the meantime, we have our prayers and faith to carry us through.

            In recalling those wonderful years we shared and the friendships we made and still have, it is fun to remember how we spent so much time thinking about:

1.         Pony Tails

2.                  DA’S (Duck’s ass) haircuts.

3.                  Flat Tops.

4.                  Saddle shoes (Spaulding’s, of course)

5.                  White Buck shoes and bunny bags for buff-ups.

6.                  Mr. “B” shirts

7.                  Threadneedles' (shoes)

8.                  Crinoline Petticoats (using our mothers iron with wax paper to crisp or stiffen them up.

9.                  Pixie Pink lipstick.

10.              Flowers for our blouse collars.

11.              When we stopped wearing Bobby Sox.

12.              Parkmoor.

13.              Melrose Pizzeria (after football games.)

14.              Jack Keith a President of the “Senior Birdmen’s Club”. “We always fly for what is right”. (Don’t forget the dead sparrow Jack brought to the stadium after a football game. we formed a circle around the bird, to pay homage, I guess, and sang our song. Were we nuts? No, just having pure fun.)

15.              Lee Thomas totally disrupting Miss Hudler’s Psychology class by finding a way to cough or sneeze and say “Hey Miss Hudler” at the same time and when Miss Hudler answered, Lee would say, “Who Me?”, I didn’t say a word I just “coughed”.

Those were golden days with tremendous fun and the pure joy of being together. We made memories that will last a lifetime, memories that we can recall and lean on when things get a little hard to deal with.

Have a super weekend!!! Blow a kiss to dear old Beaumont for me, I will surely be there with you in thought. Hopefully, and God willing, we can do this again in (maybe) 5 years, if we are all walking and have our wits about us.

            Keep well and happy and know that I send my sincere thanks to all of you for those wonderful years we shared and the memories we made. They are tucked in a special corner of my heart.

            With Kindest and Warmest Regards, Annette McClain ( and Bruce in spirit.)



HOBBIES: Hunting, fishing, Auto racing and following Pro and NCAA sports.


BIO: Out of High School I took route 66 to L.A. Signed on with Pacific Bell. Attended Los Angeles Valley College/Pasadena City College. Spent five years in the Air Force. Back to Pac. Bell, transferred to Mountain Bell, Denver, Co. Ten years in Grand Jct., Co. Back to Denver. Transferred to New Jersey A.T. & T. and then retired. No big deal. I am a single father of two children and two grandchildren.





 If you have a Bio and would like to send it in we will post it on the Web site. A typed BIO will be greatly appreciated. 

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The Reunion has come and gone, We hope you didn't miss it. The picnic has also come and gone and if you missed it we are sorry for you. But there is hope. We are planning another picnic next year on September 30th. To see pictures of the picnic click here.